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We’re Moving Our Blog!

The wait is over! We’re excited to announce that you can now grant dashboard access to your clients and coworkers, maintaining full control over what features they’re allowed to use.

  • Admin: can access all features and manage teammate roles
  • Editor: can access all features, but cannot manage teammate roles
  • Marketer: can send broadcasts and personal messages, but cannot see/edit bot content
  • Operator: can send personal messages, but cannot see/edit bot content
  • Viewer: can view bot content and analytics, but cannot edit bot content

In the future, you’ll be able to create your own roles. This means you’ll have the ability to fully customize what permissions you want to assign to specific people. For example, you may want to grant a client ‘Viewer’ access

Introducing Teammates: Sharing Your Bot with Peace of Mind

The Trouble With Landing Pages for Facebook Ads
Goodbye, Welcome Message Branding!

Today we’re excited to announce an important update that will take effect in the coming weeks.

We’re grateful for all the invaluable feedback you’ve provided over the past couple months.

Your input is the foundation for all the changes we’re announcing today. These changes will help us keep our promise of providing the best, most affordable chatbot platform your business can rely on in the long term.

More Affordable PRO Plan

Our mission is to help businesses all over the world use chatbots to build long-term relationships with their customers on a powerful and personal channel.

Today we’re taking another step in this direction by making our pricing more affordable.

New pricing starts at only $15/month and increases at a much slower rate. For example, a bot with 10K users will now be 4X more affordable than the old plan! This new pricing goes into effect on June 20.

Free Plan Changes

On August 1, we’re rolling out these changes to the Free Plan:

No product can be free and unlimited forever. Based on your feedback, we came up with a balanced Free Plan that allows you to exercise full creativity with unlimited broadcasts, sequences, and blocks.

At the same time, these changes will give allow us to deliver even better on our commitment of providing an excellent and reliable product to all of you.

Click here to see how the changes may affect your bots.

To Sum it Up…

We hope the new pricing will make it even easier for you to upgrade and enjoy white labeling, priority support, and the power of the People Tab. Upgrading to PRO also means you’re contributing to the platform’s scalability, excellent performance, and faster roll-out of new features.

We know you might have questions, so register for my live Q&A tomorrow (2pm PST).

Thanks for making Chatfuel the #1 bot platform and community in the world.

Dmitry Dumik, CEO

More Affordable Pricing, Free Plan Changes was originally published in Chatfuel Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

More Affordable Pricing, Free Plan Changes

This year’s 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang went down in history for debuting sports like Snowboarding big air and Alpine skiing team event. But these events were not the only “firsts” that viewers saw. Slovenia’s Olympic Team presented a Messenger chatbot under Foksi (Foxie) persona. Designed and built by the agency team at fbchatbot.si, the bot was unveiled a couple of months prior to Pyeongchang 2018 and landed in the spotlight during the Olympics.

The Bot

The Olympic Committee of Slovenia is one of the “youngest” Olympic Committees in the world but already has a rich history of great Olympic stories. Chatbot Foksi, of course, can tell users all those stories. In addition, using the bot people can find general information about Pyeongchang 2018 and the history of Slovenian Olympic medalists or take an Olympic quiz, browse the merchandise e-shop, and get support.

The Results

Foksi was the central channel for real-time communications with the Slovenia Olympic Team. During the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics, Messenger chatbot was the leading source of information about the Slovenian athletes, game schedules, results and more. More than 3.5K subscribed fans and supporters were the first to find out about the Slovenian medalists, and they received a daily event schedule with a link to past competition rankings. The open rate of the broadcast messages was 93% on average during the 2018 Olympic Games.

Foksi captivated users from the very beginning. It was clear that more users were active on the Team Slovenia chatbot than its official iPhone or Android apps. A couple hundred downloads of the official app was small compared to over 6,700 total bot users (over 50% of whom subscribed to receive regular updates).

As far as the user acquisition costs go, Team Slovenia ended up acquiring 33 times more users in the bot compared to the app downloads for the same promotion budget.

The decision was clear: Team Slovenia dropped its app, making Foksi the #1 source of information for the Slovenian athletes at the 2018 Olympics.

The recipe

  • Text, Images, & Quick Replies: Olympic Quiz was one of the most popular features of the chatbot. The fun, lighthearted quiz asked 5 trivia questions by using text, images, GIFs and quick replies. Users could access it in two ways: either through the bot menu or by clicking on a Facebook Ad. The quiz was a big part of the strategy for acquiring chatbot users and subscribers.
  • Comment Acquisition: The most efficient, organic technique for user acquisition was offering prizes to users who commented on our Facebook posts. One comment acquisition campaign just before the Olympics brought nearly 1.2K subscribers to Team Slovenia’s chatbot in one week, without spending any money on advertising.
  • Paid advertising: The cost effectiveness of acquiring users in a Messenger bot proved worthy of the team’s efforts, especially in comparison to the mobile app promotion. Ongoing Facebook advertising helped maintain steady growth of approximately 1K users per month. The team also produced chatbot-exclusive content for these users, including interviews and Q&As.

Slovenia Olympic Team’s Chatbot was built and designed by the agency team at fbchatbot.si. Check out the rest of their chatbots at fbchatbot.si or contact their CEO Jure Doler at jd@fbchatbot.si

Slovenia Olympic Team Replaces Official App with Chatfuel Bot was originally published in Chatfuel Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Slovenia Olympic Team Replaces Official App with Chatfuel Bot

On 25 May 2018, the most significant piece of European data protection legislation to be introduced in 20 years

Important GDPR Updates for Chatfuel

We are excited to announce the arrival of the service status page to Chatfuel!

Now you can check the status of our platform service at any time by going to http://status.chatfuel.com/

Bookmark the above URL, and sign up to receive automatic updates via email and/or RSS or Atom feeds.

Have fun tracking our performance as we continue to upgrade and build-out our infrastructure! :)

Introducing the Chatfuel status page was originally published in Chatfuel Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Introducing the Chatfuel status page

Exciting news! Further to our recent announcement, we have launched our PRO Plan! At this time, the option gives you the ability to remove the “Powered by Chatfuel” attribution from the bot’s Persistent Menu.

You can look up the pricing and subscribe to the plan by going to the PRO Plan widget under the Configure tab in the dashboard.

Note that in bots that had the “Powered by Chatfuel” attribution moved to the 2nd level of the Persistent Menu, the attribution will be forced to the top level, as we mentioned in our prior blog post:

Introducing paid features on Chatfuel

Please refer to our FAQ page if you have any questions or concerns. For anything not covered in the FAQ, we welcome your questions: team@chatfuel.com

More premium features to come soon!


PRO Plan is live!

In collaboration with HubSpot, we have put together an eBook for those who need some guidance on creating their first bot.

With a special gear towards marketers, “The Beginner’s Guide to Building Your First Chatbot” is available to everyone for free in either a traditional HTML format or as a chatbot experience (a BotBook as we call it).

Pick an option below to claim your free copy today. And don’t forget to share with your friends!


Chatbot-building eBook from Chatfuel & HubSpot was originally published in Chatfuel Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Chatbot-building eBook from Chatfuel & HubSpot

Дополнительная информация:

«Просыпайся, будем делать магазин для ботов», — летней ночью 2015-го предприниматель Дмитрий Думик будил партнера Артема Пташника. Он звонил в Москву из-за океана с важной новостью — Telegram разрешил сторонним разработчикам создавать чат-ботов, то есть программы — виртуальные ассистенты, внутри мессенджера.
Уроженец Таганрога Думик уже был серийным предпринимателем и резидентом Калифорнии. В 2012-м он вместе с партнерами запустил программу для презентаций Penxy, в 2013-м вместе с Пташником разработал «Мяту» — приложение для агрегации новостей из «ВКонтакте». За два года сервис набрал 1,5 млн пользователей, прошел акселератор 500 Startups и был куплен группой частных инвесторов.
В Telegram Думик решил делать агрегатор ботов — по аналогии с магазином приложений App Store. Он подготовил документацию, Пташник за ночь написал код. Storebot, как назвали проект, сходу объединил семь ботов. Спустя три месяца у сервиса был 1 млн пользователей. На развитие проекта потратили «несколько сотен тысяч долларов», вспоминает 32-летний Думик. Это были средства, вырученные от продажи «Мяты».
Думик и Пташник быстро поняли, что в Telegram «взлетают» боты для доставки контента и общения с пользователями.
Тогда они разработали еще один продукт — конструктор ботов. С его помощью любой пользователь без навыков программирования мог «построить» виртуального помощника.
Спустя два месяца созданные в конструкторе боты отправляли более 70 млн сообщений в день.
Партнеры пробовали зарабатывать на рекламе, но «она очень плохо зашла», признается Думик. До монетизации дело не дошло: в апреле 2016-го платформу для чат-ботов запустил Facebook Messenger, и партнеры сконцентрировались на сервисе с аудиторией в разы больше, чем у Telegram.
Для Messenger они также запустили конструктор ботов Chatfuel. С проектом Думик и Пташник поступили в Y Combinator, от которого получили $100 тыс. инвестиций. Также в Chatfuel «от $2 млн до $5 млн» вложил пул инвесторов во главе с «Яндексом», добавляет Думик. Согласно отчетности, в феврале 2016-го «Яндекс» купил около 21% в юрлице Chatfuel за $3,5 млн. Думик не раскрывает распределение долей: «Как правило, ты отдаешь 10–30% на таком раунде за такую сумму инвестиций».
По данным на январь 2018-го, в Messenger около 200 тыс. активных ботов. По оценке Думика, на основе Chatfuel работает 59% из них, в том числе боты Uber, Adidas, Volkswagen, аккаунты Кэти Перри и The New York Times.
С ботами Chatfuel общаются 60 млн уникальных пользователей ежемесячно. У сервиса две версии: платная стоит от $30 и дорожает с ростом числа пользователей, в бесплатной есть подпись «сделано в Chatfuel».
Объем выручки Думик не раскрывает. Он надеется, что в ближайшие месяцы компания достигнет точки безубыточности. «Боты будут становиться умнее, — говорит он. — Мы увидим проникновение технологии на массовый уровень». Для стартапа Дмитрий видит два пути — IPO или продажа: «Не могу сказать, что целюсь в один из этих сценариев. Бизнес для меня — средство познания мира».

Текст: Елизавета Архангельская. Подробнее на РБК: www.rbc.ru
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