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The Brand

Tarot & Astrologia Brasil is a S

Astrology Brand Cuts Operational Costs by $25,000/month with Chatfuel Bot

The Brand

LEIF is the only electric skateboard in the world that rides exactly like a snowboard, enabling riders to shred pavement just like they would powder, 365 days a year. The brand sells exclusively online, at a higher price point within a hyper-competitive industry.

The Challenge

LEIFTECH partnered with Fetch & Funnel to scale their business using paid social advertising. Historically, campaigns were expensive and the cost to acquire a new customer was increasing. Margins were stretched thin, and campaigns were breaking even while competitors with deep financial backing were getting aggressive. The brand needed a new approach, along with a new strategy that was tailored to fit their individual businessmodel.

The Approach

Advanced Facebook eCommerce Funnel

Rebuild all campaigns and implement a top/middle/bottom of funnel approach. Segment campaign structure by age, gender, demographic, platform, geography, and ad placement. Segment retargeting by 7/14/28 day audiences for tailored messaging.

Facebook Messenger &Chatbots

Integrate Facebook Messenger into Facebook advertising campaigns. Design, build, and implement chatbots within specific areas of the sales funnel to increase conversion rates.

The Results

Within eight months Fetch & Funnel scaled total company sales by 320% while maintaining a ROAS of 5X or higher. They rebuilt all campaigns, designed and implemented an eCommerce funnel within Facebook, and continually pushed the envelope in order to test new tactics, methods, and strategies. The results were stellar, and Fetch & Funnel has since taken their learnings and continued to push their methods evenfurther.

Our conversion rates shot up when we decided to use a bot for product sizing issues, I was blownaway!
Aaron Aders, Founder ofLEIFTECH

The Recipe

Messenger Ads: delivers a coupon code in Messenger to website visitors who did notpurchase
Send-to-Messenger Plugin: redirects site visitors to sizing assistant on Messenger
Acquire Users from Comments: sends coupon to users who comment on LEIFs Facebookposts
AI Tab: uses phrases & keywords to automate FAQ responses
Sequences: nurtures subscribers with a 12-day campaign to educate them about theproduct

Objective #1

Build a product sizing bot for Facebook Messenger to help customers make the right purchase.

LEIFTECH sells a product with a higher price point, and determining which size board is a major purchase decision. Height, riding style (aggressive/tricks/casual), and stance are all important factors in product selection.

Fetch & Funnel decided to create a Messenger chatbot to walk people through sizing options, and recommend the perfect board for their riding style. This offered reassurance and confidence in their decision to make the purchase.

Product Sizing BotResults

  • 12% increase in monthlysales
  • 500+ people used the bot within the firstmonth
  • Ask users if they have further questions or need assistance
  • Introduced an auto follow-up sequence with timedmessages
  • Can message this audience in the future with discounts orpromos
Screenshot of product sizing botflow

Objective #2

Use Facebook Messenger to generate sales and increase conversion rates. Integrate Messenger into Facebook advertising strategy.

Having already seen tremendous results from implementing a set of cross-channel campaigns, Fetch & Funnel decided to increase conversion rates within LEIFs Facebook advertising funnel.

The retargeting funnel had consistently generated a 7.5X ROAS. The team knew this could be improved, however website conversion rates were low. Instead of sending retargeting traffic back to the website (hoping for different results), Fetch & Funnel altered the user experience and sent retargeting traffic into Facebook Messenger.

Screenshot of coupon delivery messaging sequence

The team built a chatbot designed to deliver a coupon code via Messenger, which would then take users directly to the checkout page in Shopify with the discount codeapplied.

Results were stunning! Before the bot, LEIF generated a 7.5X ROAS and $234 CPA. After the bot, they enjoyed a 50.4X ROAS and $34CPA.

Our ability to help brands deliver measurable results is derived from what were able to do on Chatfuel. Theyve been a fantastic partner. Resources and support are phenomenal!
Samir ElKamouny, Co-Founder of Fetch &Funnel

Fetch & Funnel is a social advertising agency that helps modern brands scale. They recommend combining Facebook Ads & Messenger Marketing for a powerfulpunch!

Click here to start building your bottoday!

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Skateboard Brand Triples Sales with Chatfuel Bot was originally published in Chatfuel Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Skateboard Brand Triples Sales with Chatfuel Bot

The Problem

Nissan Israel was receiving hundreds of questions per month through their Messenger inbox. Their team answered these messages manually, resulting in delayed response times. Worst of all, the team wasnt qualifying these leads because they had no system inplace.

In other words, all leads were being treated as equal. A cold lead who was window shopping might get priority over a warm lead who was ready to sign the paperwork today! Their inbox was a leaking salesfunnel.

The Solution

In partnership with digital agency Business Pineapple, the car manufacturer built an automated lead qualification system for its Messenger inbox.

People who message their Facebook page areasked:

  1. Which of these models do youlike?
  2. Is your mind already set on thismodel?
  3. What is your phone number and emailaddress?
Chatfuel gauges the users buyingintent

Based on the answers provided, Chatfuel will determine the leads temperature and buying intent. If the lead is ready to buy, Chatfuel tags them as high priority and sends their information to the dealerships CRM. Their sales team will jump in, counter any objections, and close thedeal.

The Results

Nissan Israel generated $380,000 by selling ten cars during the first month of launching their Chatfuel experience. Promotion of the campaign was purelyorganic.

I played around with many chatbot builders and the key things I like about Chatfuel are its stability and speed. I feel like each message gets delivered when it should without any delays orlags.
Dima Kagan, Founder of Business Pineapple

The dealership saw a 10X increase in monthly organic sales from Facebook. Their number of monthly qualified leads coming from Facebook also grew by 3.5X

Nissan Israel Sells $380K in First Month of Launching Chatfuel Bot

The Trouble With Landing Pages for Facebook Ads
University Generates $3.1 Million with 1-Day Chatfuel Campaign

Were excited to share that we will be removing the Welcome Message branding on free planbots.

This adjustment is part of our goal to design a balanced setup that will benefit our creators and enable the platform to continue evolving.

More changes related to this will follow soon. Look out for our announcements.

Goodbye, Welcome Message Branding! was originally published in Chatfuel Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Goodbye, Welcome Message Branding!

Today were excited to announce an important update that will take effect in the comingweeks.

Were grateful for all the invaluable feedback youve provided over the past couplemonths.

Your input is the foundation for all the changes were announcing today. These changes will help us keep our promise of providing the best, most affordable chatbot platform your business can rely on in the longterm.

More Affordable PROPlan

Our mission is to help businesses all over the world use chatbots to build long-term relationships with their customers on a powerful and personalchannel.

Today were taking another step in this direction by making our pricing more affordable.

New pricing starts at only $15/month and increases at a much slower rate. For example, a bot with 10K users will now be 4X more affordable than the old plan! This new pricing goes into effect on June20.

Free PlanChanges

On August 1, were rolling out these changes to the FreePlan:

No product can be free and unlimited forever. Based on your feedback, we came up with a balanced Free Plan that allows you to exercise full creativity with unlimited broadcasts, sequences, andblocks.

At the same time, these changes will give allow us to deliver even better on our commitment of providing an excellent and reliable product to all ofyou.

Click here to see how the changes may affect yourbots.

To Sum itUp

We hope the new pricing will make it even easier for you to upgrade and enjoy white labeling, priority support, and the power of the People Tab. Upgrading to PRO also means youre contributing to the platforms scalability, excellent performance, and faster roll-out of new features.

We know you might have questions, so register for my live Q&A tomorrow (2pmPST).

Thanks for making Chatfuel the #1 bot platform and community in theworld.

Dmitry Dumik,CEO

More Affordable Pricing, Free Plan Changes was originally published in Chatfuel Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

More Affordable Pricing, Free Plan Changes

The Brand

Beauty Player is a cosmetic startup in Taiwan whose mission is to enhance the skins natural beauty. Their most popular product is a facial mask, which prevents breakouts by absorbing oil and dirt buildup. The brand helps customers restore their skins glow and their confidence.

Beauty Players most popular facialmask

The Problem

Most startups endure growing pains and Beauty Player is no exception. Orders were flooding in from around the world, but their support team couldnt answer customers questions fastenough.

Packing and shipping orders in December2017

The Solution

So they built a Messenger bot to automate FAQs about shipping, discounts, and affiliate opportunities. Chatfuel helps Beauty Player solve the problem of not having customer support 24/7, says Fash Chang (Marketing Director @ GoSky AI) who built thechatbot.

Onboarding sequence in Beauty Players chat experience

Increasing brand awareness through education is another component of the chatbot. The bot asks users whether their skin is dry, oily, or sensitive then offers relevant skin care tips. Beauty Player also recommends an appropriate facial mask (and coupon code) from their productline.

The Results

Approximately 40% ($250,000) of Beauty Players total monthly revenue in May 2018 was attributed to their bot powered by Chatfuel.

The brand ran Messenger ad campaigns that reduced their Cost Per Conversion by more than half

Cosmetic Startup Sells $250,000+ Per Month with Chatfuel Bot

Templates havearrived!

We launched Chatfuel with the goal of democratizing bot building. Non-technical people wanted the opportunity to design meaningful experiences without coding; we empowered them to doit.

Over time, we added more features that made Chatfuel the most flexible tool on the market. We provided the building blocks to everyone from celebrities and global publishers to freelancers and local restaurants so they could create powerful experiences that positively impacted their audiences.

The hard work was worth it. People inspired us by creating things we had never imagined. These generous people went above and beyond by sharing what they built with our Community.

Today were proud to officially call these individuals Chatfuel Creators. Were thrilled to finally pull back the curtain and launch a dedicated space for sharing templates!

Because when it comes to Messenger marketing, were all in the same boat. If bots are spammy or poorly designed, the industry will suffer. Our marketplace is a gateway for sharing experiences that lift up the industry as awhole.

If youd like to help shape the future, please submit your template.

Most importantly, let us know what templates youd like tosee!

Chatfuel Launches Template Marketplace for Building Better Bots Faster was originally published in Chatfuel Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Chatfuel Launches Template Marketplace for Building Better Bots Faster

DECEN Muebles Infantiles is a small, childrens furniture business in Mexico that crafts cribs and cradles by hand from the highest quality woods available. The companys mission is to design furniture that is safe for babies, robust for parents, and environmentally sustainable. Their bot was awarded the Grand Prize title in Chatfuels 2017 bot competition.

The Bot

Overwhelmed by an overflowing Messenger inbox, the brand built a Chatfuel bot with the goal of reducing time spent responding to customer inquiries. They did just that by designing a sales funnel that delights users with timely and relevant information, while simultaneously optimizing the business resources by deciding which users require 1-on-1 assistance from a humanagent.

The Results

According to Omar Cortes, founder of DECEN Muebles Infantiles, the benefits of Messenger automation extend far beyond customer support alone. Previously he would only sell at expo shows throughout the year, but now he uses Chatfuel as a 24/7/365 e-commerce solution. At my last expo, I used Facebook Ads and Chatfuels broadcasting tool to double my average sales, he says. Today 80% of total sales come from thebot.

Cortes mentions that an unexpected advantage of deploying the Messenger experience for his business has been increased social proof and customer loyalty. More users have started reviewing my Facebook page as an excellent service, he says, which was made possible by the chatbot.

DECEN Muebles Infantiles most successful Messenger strategy involved a comment acquisition campaign asking soon-to-be mothers what month their baby is expected to arrive. Facebook users who commented on the post became bot subscribers that were entered into a giveaway for a high-ticket crib. The Messenger campaign doubled monthly sales, generated nearly 4,000 qualified leads, and

This Baby Brand is Generating 80% of Total Sales from its Messenger Bot


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